Our Firm

  • Spindletop specializes in commercial stage & profitable healthcare companies.
  • We believe in the importance of alignment of interests with stakeholders.
  • We are diversified across healthcare sectors, with a focus on Expansion Capital.

The Right Sector

  • Healthcare is a defensive investment with relatively inelastic demand.
  • Unprecedented investment opportunities in the healthcare sector are driven by an aging population, the growth of emerging markets, universal coverage, and a drive to contain costs.

The Right Strategy

  • Maximize risk-adjusted returns by focusing on commercial stage and profitable businesses where the technical, regulatory, and commercial risks have been largely mitigated.
  • Leverage deep Texas resources to invest in the best opportunities nationwide.
  • Target IRR in excess of 30%.

The Right Team

  • Our world-class team possesses more than 700 years of successful operational, clinical, technical, and financial experience across all sectors of healthcare.

The Right Philosophy

  • ILPA principles are the cornerstone of our business.
  • Employing Venture Capital/Growth Equity/Private Equity “Best Practices”.
  • We are Conscious Capital for Healthcare.
  • Spindletop Capital is a national fund with a uniquely Texan advantage: the ability to leverage Texas resources and research institutions.