Our Values & ILPA

Our Values

Every employee, partner, and advisor is expected to live by our core values.

  • Honesty: We uphold the highest standards of honesty, integrity and complete transparency in all interactions with our investors, portfolio, and peers.
  • Stewardship: The opportunity to serve our limited partners is a tremendous honor. We take full responsibility to act in their best interests at all times.
  • Generosity: By thriving financially, we know that we are also doing good, providing benefits for our academic institutions, community, and patients worldwide.
  • Determination: Every company will have challenges; however, we will remain successful by exercising perseverance and tenacity.
  • Cooperation: The hard work begins once an investment is completed. That’s when we get in the boat to help the management teams row. While they may legally work for us, we view our role as working for our CEOs to add value.

ILPA Guiding Principles

We endorse the Institutional Limited Partner Association Private Equity Principles and have built the foundation of our business on them. Based on guidance from the largest institutional investors, endowments, family offices and foundations, we created Spindletop from an LP’s perspective. We believe in an alignment of interests, transparency and governance. We seek to truly be ‘partners’ with our Limited Partners. We know that a proper alignment of interests combined with “best practices” in fund governance, communication, and transparency, will create and enhance long-term partnership, returns, and interests.