Healthcare Indices

In addition to Spindletop’s core private investing platform, we created six public market indices that provide further benefits, including:

  • Giving additional value to our partners with public market tracking and assessment
  • Providing Spindletop precise, up-to-date information on how the healthcare industry as a whole and the specific sub industries are performing
  • Conveying accurate representations of how multiples and valuations are changing over time
  • Offering a barometer on how Texas healthcare is performing in relation to the U.S. and the overall market
  • Delivering a general macroeconomic view of the U.S. and worldwide healthcare economy


The Spindletop indices track the overall healthcare market, sub-sectors, and select Texas healthcare companies. Each index, excluding the Spindletop™ Total Healthcare and Spindletop™ Texas Healthcare, is comprised of approximately 30 individual companies that are chosen from their respected FTSE ICB subsector based upon Spindletop’s proprietary algorithms.  The Spindletop™ Texas Healthcare Index focuses exclusively on Texas-headquartered firms while the Spindletop™ Total Healthcare is a composite of all the indices.  The indices have an inception date of February 8th, 2011.