Value Add

Valued Partners

Spindletop Capital’s track record of partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs and creating market-leading companies in healthcare is a formula of proven success. As entrepreneurs and investors with deep operational and technical expertise investing, we embrace collaborative capital. Our network of advisors and proprietary relationships provide entrepreneurs with access to unrivaled resources. We support entrepreneurs in every aspect of their business—from strategy and recruiting to operational improvements. At Spindletop Capital, we emphasize relationships. We build long-term connections with extraordinary management teams. We are sought after by entrepreneurs and syndicate investment partners for our industry expertise, our financial expertise and our proprietary Texas resources.

Industry Expertise: Our world-class team has a combined 700 years of successful operational, clinical, technical, and financial experience across all sectors of healthcare. Our professional team brings together a solid balance of transactional and operational experience, which bolsters the firm’s investment strategy by providing a differentiated perspective to portfolio companies.

Financial Expertise: Spindletop Capital knows how to successfully take private companies public — and public companies private. We believe in building market-leading companies through organic growth and planned acquisition. The Spindletop team guides companies in their identification, diligence, and integration processes. Utilizing our investment partners and network, the firm also provides public market access and after-market IPO support. These services underscore our commitment to foster long-term management relationships.

Texas’s Competitive Advantage: The greatest asset in Texas is no longer in the ground, but in the halls of our renowned academic institutions. Texas is a leader in federally-funded research, ranked second nationally, and receives approximately $5 billion in annual funds. Consistently ranked as a top state for business, clear indicators of a state ripe for industry, Texas is uniquely positioned to enrich its own economy while helping create breakthroughs in global healthcare. As demonstrated by Boston and Palo Alto, academic research is the engine for medical innovation. Spindletop Capital is one of the only firms dedicated to providing expansion capital for healthcare in the region. We leverage our network of proprietary resources nationally to add value and compliment the resources of our syndicate partners. Proprietary Texas resources include NASA, the $3B CPRIT program, and multi-billion dollar national biodefense initiatives. Leading clinical resources include the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world;San Antonio Military Medical Center, the largest military hospital in the U.S. Department of Defense;The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and three other national cancer institutes; and two PL4 Biodefense research centers.

Spindletop Capital is the manager of Spindletop Healthcare Capital, a fund dedicated to providing growth and expansion capital to commercial stage and profitable healthcare companies. Spindletop Capital is an investment firm which focuses on managing financial and monetary affairs, namely, financial information, management and analysis services providing venture capital, development capital, private equity and investment funding; venture capital fund management; equity capital investment; and investment services, namely, asset acquisition, consultation, development and management services. Spindletop Capital is also focused on providing financial indices based on selected groups of securities in the biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device fields; providing financial indices in the nature of quantitative measurements to evaluate investments, market trends and financial instruments.