From Our Partners
Spindletop partners with exceptional leaders to invest in transformational healthcare companies.
  • “ A successful leadership environment is one that steps back from the whole system, builds a more collaborative and innovative organism, that competitively sustains itself over the long term. Spindletop exhibits this model through its strategic, sector and functional sets of competencies, which are particularly additive to the long term success of its partnership Companies.”
    – Brett Craig, CEO of QSpex Technologies
  • “Any successful partnership is rooted much deeper than a simple quest for a return on investment. Spindletop has proven to walk lock step with HNI on its path to truly transform how healthcare is provided in the inpatient setting.”
    – Michael Gonzales, CEO and President of HNI Healthcare
  • “Spindletop has been an excellent collaborative partner – using their extensive network and business-building skills, they help companies navigate complex issues to a successful outcome.”
    – Garheng Kong, Managing Partner at HealthQuest Capital
  • “ Evan Melrose, Spindletop’s founder, has been a long term partner and advisor. He led one of BioForm’s early rounds, and provided guidance, wisdom and a long term perspective throughout our work to grow the company over several years. Evan and the team at Spindletop provide strategic guidance to portfolio companies, and bring to their companies a range of relationships in industry, medicine, academic centers, and the investment community that are invaluable to an entrepreneur.”
    – Steve Basta, CEO AlterGInc
  • “Evan has been a key contributor to the success of Ortho Kinematics. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of the company, contributing his energy, contacts, and insights to help the company at each stage. He has a great mix of medical, technical, operating, and financial savvy, which is a rare combination. Rarer still is his willingness to do real work on behalf of his companies–on several occasions he has literally cleared his calendar to be available when we needed him. ”
    – Adam Deitz, Founder and CTO of OrthoKinematics
  • “Evan and the Spindletop team approach their investments collaboratively, when necessary providing additional strategic and/or financial advisory resources to make sure early to mid-stage companies are preparing properly for what is coming around the next corner. ”
    – David Rubin, Managing Director of Merck Global Health Innovation Fund